How To Install a Security Screen Door

How to Install a Security Screen Door with Spensa

Installing a security screen door is wise for those living in hot climates or seeking added protection from intruders. Not only do these doors offer ventilation benefits, but they also enhance home security.

Whether self-installing or hiring a professional, understanding the step-by-step process is essential. This concise guide will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful installation. We’ll cover all the essential details, from measuring your door frame and selecting the right door to installing handles, locks, and hinges.

By the end, you’ll have a secure and functional security screen door that complements your home’s style and keeps you safe.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before installing a security screen door, proper pre-installation preparation is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful process. Follow these steps to get ready:

  • Measure your door frame: Accurately measure the width and height of your door frame to determine the correct size of the security screen door you’ll need.

  • Choose the right door: Consider the various types, colors, and styles available and select a security screen door that matches your home’s aesthetics and provides the level of security you desire.

  • Gather the necessary tools: Ensure you have all the tools required for installation, such as a drill, screwdriver, measuring tape, level, and screws.

  • Clear the area: Remove any obstacles or debris around the door frame to create a safe and clutter-free workspace.

  • Seek assistance if needed: Installing a security screen door may require two people, especially when handling larger or heavier doors. Enlist the help of a friend or family member if necessary.

By adequately preparing before installation, you can minimize potential issues and ensure a successful and secure installation of your security screen door.

Assemble the Security Screen Door

To assemble the security screen door, follow these steps:

  • Unpack the door components: Carefully unpack the security screen door and lay out all the components on a flat surface. Ensure you have all the necessary parts and hardware per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • **Attach handles, locks, and hinges: Begin by attaching the support plates for handles and locks to the designated areas on the door, following the instructions provided. Install the getting switch and inside handle into the corresponding support plate. Next, fit the handle assembly and outside support plate on the lock body. Use screws to secure all the components in place.

  • Install the hinges: Position the hinges on the door per the measurements you took during the pre-installation preparation. Use screws to fasten the hinges securely to the door frame.

  • Check alignment and smooth operation: Before proceeding further, ensure that the handles, locks, and hinges are correctly aligned and that the door operates smoothly when opening and closing.

  • Seek assistance for installation: As the security screen doors can be heavy and awkward to handle, enlist the help of another person to hold the door while you install it in the doorway.

  • Drill pilot holes: Carefully drill pilot holes in the door frame and header to make it easier to insert the screws during installation.

  • Install the door: With the assistance of your helper, position the security screen door in the door frame. Align the hinges with the pilot holes and insert screws to secure the door. Repeat the process for the other hinges.

  • Test the swing and fit: Open and close the door to ensure it swings smoothly and fits correctly within the door frame.

  • Install the header and expander: If included with your security screen door, install the header piece above the door frame using screws. Slide the expander piece along the bottom of the door to prevent debris from entering underneath.

  • Final adjustments: Check all components and fittings for any adjustments or tighten any loose screws to ensure the door is secure and functions correctly.

By carefully assembling the security screen door following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can ensure a sturdy and practical addition to your home’s security measure.

Installing the Security Screen Door

To install a security screen door, assemble the door components, including handles, locks, and hinges, per the manufacturer’s instructions. With the help of a friend or family member, position the door in the doorway, and drill pilot holes for the screws.

Secure the door to the frame by aligning the hinges and tightening the screws. Install the header above the frame and the expander piece at the bottom to prevent debris from entering.

Test the door’s swing to ensure it operates smoothly, and make any necessary adjustments for a secure fit. By following these steps carefully, you can install a functional and secure security screen door in your home.

Installing the Locking Mechanism

To install the locking mechanism on your security screen door, follow these steps:

  • Position the Door: With the assistance of a helper, position the security screen door in the doorway and ensure it fits correctly within the frame.

  • Determine Lock Placement: Decide on the location for the locking mechanism. Typical positions include the middle of the door or at a comfortable height for easy access.

  • Mark the Drilling Points: Use a pencil or marker to mark the exact points where you’ll drill holes for the lock and latch components.

  • Drill Pilot Holes: A drill creates pilot holes at the marked points. Pilot holes help guide the screws and prevent the wood from splitting when inserting the screws.

  • Install the Deadbolt Lock: Insert the deadbolt lock into the pre-drilled hole. Align the lock faceplate with the edge of the door and secure it using the screws provided with the lock.

  • Install the Latch: Place the latch on the edge of the door where it aligns with the strike plate on the door frame. Secure it with screws.

  • Test the Lock: Close the door and test the locking mechanism to ensure it functions smoothly. Check that the latch properly engages with the strike plate and that the deadbolt fully extends and retracts.

  • Adjustments: If necessary, make minor adjustments to ensure the locking mechanism operates correctly.

  • Additional Security Features: Consider installing additional security features, such as a slide bolt or security chain, for extra protection if desired.


In conclusion, installing a security screen door is a practical and valuable investment for homes, offering improved ventilation and enhanced security. You can ensure a successful and secure fit by following the step-by-step guide and adequately preparing for the installation. Take the time to select the right door size, style, and color that complements your home’s decor.

Reading and adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions is essential for a smooth installation. Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, a properly installed security screen door will provide peace of mind, increased safety, and added aesthetic appeal to your home.

Security screens are high tensile woven stainless-steel mesh. These come anchored by a unique screw-clamp system screwed through the mesh and into the frame. This results in a spectacularly strong yet still versatile security screen that provides excellent airflow and visibility.

It’s best to hire professional security screen dealers or distributors to install these for you.

Since every Spensa security screen comes customized, you will need to get a personalized quote from one of our verified vendors.

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